Debt Recovery – Legal and Ethical Frameworks

In this course, we will explain the appropriate legislation and ethical principles that every professional involved in debt recovery should have an understanding of.

Debt Recovery – Effective Debt Collection Strategies

Negotiating with debtors and collecting on outstanding debt can be a time-consuming task. The key is to be properly prepared by putting effective collection strategies in place, in order to successfully negotiate a promise to pay.

Manage Credit Provider Portfolio in Debt Recovery Environment

With the knowledge gained from this course, you will be able to quickly and efficiently review and manage the credit grantor portfolios.

Debtor Assessment and Portfolio Management

In this course, you will learn how to manage these portfolios effectively, evaluate debtor accounts, maintain records of interactions and update the portfolio information, manage and review allocations of monies received, and more.

Personal Effectiveness and Record Keeping in a Debt Recovery Environment

This course will teach you to become more efficient and organised when keeping records, to learn to instantly locate records on request, and to maintain perfect records at all times.

Accounting Practices in Debt Recovery

This course will assist you in understanding the importance of good accounting practices in a debt recovery environment.

Debt Recovery Administrative Systems

You will learn how to research and develop plans to improve systems and to implement their findings. You will also develop the skills to monitor and control administration systems.

Building Client Relationships

While your aim is to collect on outstanding debt, you should still have the aim of retaining the customer.

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