Financial Accounting Qualifications

National Certificate in Bookkeeping L3 [58375]

This programme is the first in the Accounting Programme, and will teach you all you need to know about bookkeeping and trial balances, as well as processing payrolls and monthly SARS returns by using computerised bookkeeping systems.

Further Education and Training Certificate in Bookkeeping L4 [58376]

This one-year Senior Bookkeeper’s qualification will teach you all you need to know about cost and management accounting as well as how to read, interpret, prepare and analyse the financial statements of an organisation such as income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements using applicable financial ratios.

National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting L5 [36213]

This one-year Technical Financial Accountant qualification will prepare you for your next step in becoming a Financial Accountant, by teaching you all you need to know about accounting control and business law.

National Diploma in Financial Accounting L6 [20366]

This one-year Financial Accountant qualification will give you the ultimate competitive advantage in equipping yourself to manage the financial affairs of a company. With this qualification, you will be able to work closely with a chartered accountant and registered auditor, as you complete your dissertation in Accounting Theory and Practice.

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