Credit Management Part 1

This  course  starts  by  focusing  on  the  role  of  credit, its different forms and sources as well as  supervisory skills and an introduction to the basic law of contracts.

Credit Management Part 2

Part 2 looks at credit policies, economic and legislative factors   of   credit   management,   debt   re-scheduling, budgets,  different   types  of  credit  and  the  role  of microlenders  in  South  Africa.

Credit Management Part 3

You will increase your knowledge about management, insolvencies and liquidations as well as legislations in Part 3.

Credit Management Part 4

You will gain insight into human resource management, credit management statistics, business law and economics in Part 4.

Credit Management Part 5

Lastly, you will go through the principles of risk management, understand accounting, manage diversity, and master business writing skills, business etiquette and business management.

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